This is the new home of l2tpd, the Layer 2 Tunnelling Protocol Daemon.

At this point, the content on this page is very sparse. Over time, more and more of the content of the l2tpd project will be added here. I will be adding a CVS repository for hosting the main source tree shortly, and I will be moving the l2tpd-devel mailing list, currently hosted at Sourceforge, here shortly as well.

If you're using l2tpd, particularly in production environments, I'd love to hear about it

Please let me know what you would like to see me put priority into adding to this project site.

On September 10th, David Skoll released a new implementation of L2TP for Linux systems. This is totally new implementation that shares no code with this l2tpd project, but there are significant similarities in the handling of some things in the code bases. This alternative implementation can be retrieved here. There is no official connection between and this implementation by David Skoll. I have put this link here because David has contributed significant expertise to the project and his work deserves to be recognized as well. Both David and myself hope to see significant gains in the state of the art for L2TP implementations for Linux as a result of the cross-polination of ideas, and code between the two implementations.