l2tpd - A word about Standards

I am a stickler about Open Standards. I try to adhere to them in whatever I do. When I update these pages, I validate the HTML and CSS in them and I have people proofread the text for grammatical and spelling errors.

l2tpd makes every effort to be compliant with the L2TP RFC, however, when I began working with l2tpd, it had suffered from a large amount of bit-rot. It had not been maintained since before the specification for L2TP had been finalized, and it was written to adhere to a draft standard for L2TP. There were significant changes in the specification between that draft standard and the RFC, so there are many places where l2tpd is not standards compliant.

As a special plea, if you find a case of l2tpd not doing "The Right Thing" with respect to the standard, please, please let me know about it. I, personally, consider standards compliance bugs to be of the utmost priority as it is only through adherence to standards that widespread interoperability will be ensured.