l2tpd has a new Subversion repository!

I have been working with Subversion a bit recently, and have decided that, so far as I've used it, I really like it. Consequently, I've set up a Subversion repository for l2tpd. At the time of this writing, it has a pristine copy of l2tpd version 0.69.

Please be aware that this is hosted on my home ISDN line, so availability may not be perfect, and the bandwidth available will certainly be rather limited. Fortunately, l2tpd is a small source tree, so, hopefully it won't take enough bandwidth to be an issue. Fair warning, however, that if I'm downloading something substantial to home, that access speed to the subversion repository will probably suck.

The URL for access to the Subversion repository is http://jeffm.jeffm.iglou.com/svn/l2tpd. Sorry for the fairly hideous URL, but I never really set this system up as a public server, but I'm pressing it into service for this.

Another upside is that it will be tremendously easier for me to give other people commit access to this repository (if they are willing to use Subversion), than it ever was when I was using CVS.

I have also just added a ViewCVS access to the subversion repository. You can access that via http://jeffm.jeffm.iglou.com/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi. Please be kind to this system, its merely a K6-200 with about 64 megs of RAM.