l2tpd - Programming style notes

With release 0.65.1 of l2tpd, I have taken steps to improve the readability and style of the l2tpd source code. Prior to version 0.65.1, the source code to l2tpd was inconsistently formatted, and did not adhere to any reasonable style guidelines for source code.

For the 0.65.1 release of l2tpd, I used GNU indent to reformat all of the source code for l2tpd (any files that end in .c or .h, basically) according to my preferred style.

While I'm not an absolute stickler about style guidelines, I would like to keep the formatting within l2tpd at least fairly close to the base style that is currently embodied within the l2tpd source code.

The style is most concisely defined by saying that it is created by GNU indent with the "-npsl", "-bli0", "-i4", and "-nut" command line options.

More verbosely, this means that I use the GNU coding style, with the following exceptions:

Put the type of a procedure on the same line as its name.
Don't indent braces. (technically, indent braces 0 spaces)
Set indentation level to 4 spaces.
Don't use tabs for indentation, use spaces.

Note: I added the -nut option to expand tabs after I posted the 0.65.1 release.