l2tpd mailing lists

Currently, there is only one mailing list set up for l2tpd. This is basically a catch-all list as traffic is still low enough that pretty much all of the business of the l2tpd project can still take place on it without overwhelming the recipients.

To subscribe to this mailing list, send an email to l2tpd-devel-request@l2tpd.org with the keyword of "subscribe" in the body.

We now have an archive of the l2tpd-devel mailing list. It is available at http://l2tpd.graffl.net/. This archive is a combination of the current l2tpd-devel list hosted here at IgLou, and the old l2tpd list that Mark Spencer hosted on marko.net. That ends up making this archive an overall history of the development of l2tpd as a whole...not just limited to the work done since the move here to l2tpd.org. This archive is hosted and maintained by Robert Waldner. Thanks Robert!

IgLou, who is been gracious enough to host the l2tpd project, currently uses Majordomo for their mailing list services, but is considering a switch to MailMan in the future. Hopefully, we will have warning before any transition of this type occurs and notice will be sent to the mailing list of the change. We will do everything in our power to keep any future changes as minimally disruptive as possible.