Pending patches for l2tpd

This page contains links to patches that I believe have potential for inclusion in main l2tpd tree, but would like to get some feedback on before doing so. If you have the facilities and opportunity to try out these patches, please do so and let the l2tpd development community know about your results.

I will attempt to maintain these patches against the latest released version of l2tpd.

SysV style (open ptmx, grantpt(), unlockpt(), etc.) pty allocation.
Jean-Francois Dive, the Debian package maintainer for l2tpd, believe that this patch will resolve an outstanding issue that l2tpd has when running as a detached daemon. It should also allow greater scaleability by using a more standard and more correct (I believe) pty allocation mechanism. In Linux, the number of pty allowed to be opened by this mechanism is a kernel compile-time configuration option.
Close stdin for daemon mode
This patch reverts l2tpd back to closing stdin when running in daemon mode. Version 0.69 left stdin open when running as daemon mode as an attempted workaround for an known issue when running in daemon mode. It is thought that the pty patch above fixes this issue, to test if it does indeed fix the issue, please use both patches and run l2tpd in deamon mode to confirm normal operation.