This is the retirement home of l2tpd, the original Layer 2 Tunnelling Protocol Daemon.

The l2tpd project is now officially inactive

The website and mailing lists run by Jeff McAdams have been shutdown, and I've undertaken the role of caretaker to ensure the source code is not lost completely.
The contents of the old website are available here

If you are looking for an active l2tp project, please refer to the Roaring Penguin l2tp program website hosted at sourceforge:

Since people do continue to use l2tpd, and it is included for use in the SnapGear Linux Distribution, some active online presence is required.
I have subsequently resumed control of the l2tpd SourceForge project to allow future news and bugfix releases to be made available there.
End-User support will be minimal; Bug reports (unless accompanied by a fix) will probably be ignored; Feature Requests will be rejected; but feel free to enjoy anyway.

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